Remote Work

As a design 'company of one', location shouldn't be a blocker for engaging great clients and doing outstanding work. Face to face communication no longer has to be held in person; brainstorming sessions don't have to be run with everyone in the same room; presentations don't have to be set up on 'the big screen in the conference room' and booked 6 weeks in advance because the Marketing team have their monthly meeting!

Remote working is the new shared office.

Now, although I am based in Nottingham I am set up for working with clients both locally and internationally. Using tools like Trello, Slack, Dropbox, Adobe XD, and RealTimeBoard I am able to work with clients no matter where they are in the world.

We can run discovery sessions with your team in individual offices; we can run a remote design sprint over a series of weeks rather than a series of days; we can collaborate on a product roadmap or user journey in real time over breakfast, lunch, or dinner! I have 'open office hours' on Skype, too, where anyone can reach me to talk about a new project or an existing engagement.

Let's not make location a reason to avoid doing great work. Get in touch to talk about your next design project.