'The Sideman Designer' Podcast

Release weekly, 'The Sideman Designer' is a podcast for supporting players; for the cast members keeping the show running and the band playing; for those people bringing everyone together to give their best performance.

It's my opportunity to share thoughts on business, freelancing, and current trends in the world of design. There are book recomendations, links to fellow podcasters, and conversations with some exceptional people coming in the future.

Episode 10 - You Can Go Your Own Way

This week we hit a milestone: it's episode 10!

In what is the final episode of the first season of the show, I talk about staying well-rounded as a designer (and a human being who is interested in, well, things!), share my summer reading list, and celebrate working for yourself and doing things your way.

Links & Notes

A More Beautiful Question

Creative Strategy and the Business of Design

Talk To Me

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People


Super Thinking

Hacking Growth

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Episode 9 - You Are Good Enough

Knowing when the time is right to ‘make a leap’ or pursue the type of people you want to work with can feel very intimidating. This week, we’re all about feeling good enough to do what you want to do as a professional and valuing ‘your take’ on whatever it is you’re doing.

Links & Notes


Broadway Cinema, Nottingham

Stranger Things 3

Denise Jacobs' Banish Your Inner Critic

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Episode 8 - Staying Healthy When You Work for Yourself

This week, I talk about something really important (no, seriously); staying healthy both physically and mentally when you work for yourself. Working in a place where we could be glued to our chair for 8 hours a day, on our own, we need to make sure we're getting up, out, and into the company of others (if only to remember how to say 'Hi, how's it going?').

Links & Notes

DxN - Design Exchange, Nottingham

Dean Vipond, NHS.UK

Craig Abbott, DWP

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Episode 7 - In the room where it happens...

In this episode, I share my experience of running a workshop that didn't go quite how I was expecting. There's some practical advice on staying flexible and making the most of what happens in the room. Plus, Hamilton, Stranger Things, and more...!

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Donald Miller's Business Made Simple

Stranger Things

Talk To Me, Dean Nelson

Workshop Tactics

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Episode 6 - Pivot!

I wondered how long into the lifecycle of this podcast it would take me to hit into some real 'business end' conversation... As it happens, six is the magic number!

In this episode I go deep into sharing the current lay of the land for my business, why I've pivoted away from some strategic moves I was making, and how iteration in your own business can be a really positive thing.

Links & Notes

Mini Metro

Talk To Me, Dean Nelson

Jony Ive

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Episode 5 - A More Beautiful Question

I thought this week's episode was going to be a brief review of Warren Berger's magnificent 'A More Beautiful Question'. It turns out I fancied a bit of a ramble and dug a little deeper... Welcome to The Sideman Designer, episode five!

Links & Notes

A More Beautiful Question

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Episode 4 - Quitting Your Job

Four weeks in and we're building momentum... This episode I share some great podcasts I've been listening to during a week of torrential rain, plus go (sort of) deep on when quitting your job is a good idea. As always feedback, comments, and conversation are welcome!

Links & Notes

Product Breakfast Club

The Sean Wes podcast

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

David Kadvy's Love Your Work podcast


Episode 3 - It's Not a Case of The Mondays

We're three episodes in which some people might call a milesone. This week I have a small ramble about the week that was - reading, networking, and giant monsters punching each other - and go deep on why I really love a Monday morning. You could learn to love them, too!

Links & Notes


A More Beautiful Question (Buy it here)

The Big House

Matt Davies

Co working Club

Office Space

Scott Belsky's The Messy Middle (Buy it here)

Jake Knapp & John Z's Make Time (buy it here)

Episode 2 - Giving Away Your Time

Welcome to episode two! Thanks for sticking with me. In this show I talk about giving away your time and why, sometimes, you just need to say 'no' to that request for a cup of coffee or a quick chat.

Links & Notes

Jonathan Courtney on Instagram

Episode 1 - Finding Your Focus

In this, the first ever episode of The Sideman Designer, I talk about getting down to business, finding focus, and keeping on track as you head towards achieving your big-picture goals.

Links & Notes

Paul Jarvis' Company of One (Buy it here)