Tom Jepson Creative

Weeknote 10.05.2020

A weeknote for w/c 10th May 2020.

  • In a week where both the weather and my mood have been somewhat up and down, I’ve discovered the joy of mowing the lawn. A mindful, meditative activity to unwind on a Sunday morning... The lawn could do with a water!
  • In an effort to push forward with future plans, I’m almost ready to launch a trial coaching service for designers, tech folk, and anyone involved in the product-making sphere. Since we’re never truly ‘ready’ to launch it’s time push forward with a prototype and iterate!
  • Workshops have been made live! One Design Thinking session and one collaborative session on Gamification of Online Meetings. Time to put the wheels in motion to make all of our online collaborations better.
  • Still watching Narcos; now up to season 3! So good; so, so good.

Enter: Lockdown week 9!