Tom Jepson Creative

Weeknote 20.04.2020

Your weekly update for w/c 20th April 2020.

I am aware that I’ve been adding dates from Mondays not Sundays... Feels odd! I might have to go back and edit all the dates.

  • This week I co-hosted talk and workshop for the KIN network. You can view the sessions over on the KIN YouTube page, and check out my talk - Demystifying Design Thinking - here.
  • My website is now accessible at - I’ll be transitioning my entire estate over to the .com in the coming weeks. Having the .work address was a great way to start my identity as a freelancer but I feel I have outgrown it and am heading into the next chapter of whatever-this-thing-is quickly.
  • Animal Crossing has become a pretty major feature in our daily entertainment. With three of us playing it, the inter-island politics of item placement and landscaping are becoming heated!
  • I finished ‘Ruined by Design’. I believe it’s something that everyone - designers and non-designers alike - should read. Seriously.
  • I’ve started a really interesting book on why gaming could set the stall for a ‘new normal’. It’s called ‘Reality is Broken’ and is by Jane McGonigal.
  • Watched ‘Joker’. It’s good; really, really good.