Tom Jepson Creative

Weeknote 13.04.2020

A slightly belated weeknote, this time for w/c 13th April 2020.

  • Work is good, that is to say the team is communicating really well and we’re inching forward in the progress stakes. FYI, I still don’t much care for Microsoft Power Apps but the team seem to be bending it to their will!
  • Planning for TWO talks and workshops is well underway. One Design Thinking session on Tuesday next week, and a Problem Framing workshop on Thursday.
  • Hunters on Amazon Prime: finished. I loved it; I know some people didn’t. I thought Pacino was brilliant and the series had, on the whole, a comic-book lightness that such a dark subject really needed. Season 2, maybe?
  • The current Corona lockdown is still going on; we’re heading into week 5. I need to get back online and start meeting-up with people again. It’s been too long!

Onwards (and let’s see if I can post these on time next week!)