Tom Jepson Creative

Weeknote 23.03.2020

Weekly notes for w/c 23rd March 2020. Coronavirus homebound status update week 1. There were two new NIN albums out this week.

  • The first full week of all-indoors thanks to the current pandemic. Rebalancing our routines has been a surprisingly pleasing phase of prototyping!
  • I finished Annie Duke’s ‘Thinking in Bets’. Reframing how I make decisions in both my work and life - awareness of hindsight bias and thinking probabilistically - is going to be a fun exploration.
  • Joined the weekly virtual happy hour, hosted by the ever-vibrant Elizabeth Dunne (@geek_freelance on Twitter).
  • Virtual Design Sprints Europe is undergoing some changes. Although I’ve had to take a slight back seat from the strategic team, some exciting brand and identity work is surfacing. I can’t wait to share it.
  • THERE WERE TWO NEW NINE INCH NAILS ALBUMS OUT. Yes, that did require shouting. A continuation of the ‘Ghosts’ series - the first four parts were out over a decade ago - the two albums (Together and Locusts) are wonderfully textural, exploratory, and cover a LOT of ground. It’s new but at the same time familiar; Trentian (Reznorian?) themes pour from every second of the records.

Stay safe, stay home, and keep reading.