Tom Jepson Creative

Weeknote 16.03.2020

Weekly notes for w/c 16th March 2020. New workshops and courses, reading enjoyment, War of the Worlds and new music!

  • I’ve been sharing a series of ‘Remote Working Tips for UX Designers’ videos this week. You can find them on my Instagram page and on LinkedIn, too.
  • I took a group of friends through a prototype of a new workshop on virtual workshopping. The format’s almost locked for 60-minute taster sessions, and there’s a couple of Skillshare courses in the making to compliment it. While it is not my intention to ‘make money off the back of a global crisis’ being able to help people familiarise themselves and become comfortable working in new ways - welcome to the virtual space! - feels a very worthy endeavour.
  • Still reading ‘Thinking in Bets’ by Annie Duke. As I’m progressing through the book, it’s resonating with some of the ways which already I think and challenging a few beliefs, too. Without a doubt, having a ‘pod’ to help you stay focussed and accountable to the bets you make (and your analysis of the outcomes) is infinitely valuable. I want to tighten my ‘pod’ a little and be more present with them, too.
  • Disney+ starts streaming in the UK on Tuesday 24th. That is all.
  • We started watching the Fox series ‘War of the Worlds’. It’s not a bad interpretation of the WotW theme; hostile alien invaders breaking down all concept of social norms, pushing people into both social distancing AND deeper levels of connection. Also - this is something of a trope which I am glad to see being broken for once - not even the children are safe in this one!
  • I’ve started to make a concerted effort to practice off-screen hobbies and activities in my non-work downtime; the current climate has put a real risk of being ‘always on’ directly into the path of remote workers everywhere. Something I’m doing to give this purpose is making an ever-growing album of ambient music, focussed on capturing performances as they happen and sharing them in a raw, unedited format.