Tom Jepson Creative

Weeknote 09.03.2020

In an effort to commit to writing more frequently here is my first #weeknote! I'll be documenting highlights and points of note from each week, hopefully sparking thoughts and ideas for exciting future 'stuff'.

  • I've been reading Annie Duke's 'Thinking in Bets'. A great book from the mind of an expert poker player, it has helped me reframe how I think about the success of the decisions I make plus how I relate to and update my own beliefs through learned experience.

  • Other books on my in-progress list include Mike Monteiro's astounding 'Ruined by Design', Offscreen magazine issue 22, and 'Super Thinking' (a great book about biases and mental models) by Gabriel Weinberg and Lauren McCann.

  • It's been a rapid week for my current UX project. Working with a global-but-based-in-Nottingham business on a new mobile app, the project has highlighted how much I actually enjoy product design 'graft' and how satisfying it can be picking over the details of 'a user experience' design.

  • We watched 'Midsommar' again. It's just as intense, hilarious and extreme the second time round. I still think Florence Pugh should have won an award for that scream in the first act of the movie.

  • I attended this month's excellent Design Exchange event - maybe my last 'in person' event for a while. The talks from Eriol Fox and Craig Burgess made me think, dig deep and great fly appreciate my career choices! Representing gender, culture and racial diversity in our design work is a minefield...

  • Booked a ticket to see Ghostpoet later in the year. Pleased with that!