Tom Jepson Creative

The Blank Page

Note: This was a free-thought journal entry about which I had forgotten. I wanted to share it with you here.

Clean until we act, the blank page is not a terrible abyss but a limitless demonstration of our potential.

It is not merely a record of where we have been, but a hint at what might be.

It can be as a memory. Its creases show action upon action; a map for all the failed attempts.

It is a mirror. It will show us our truest thoughts or lie right to our face when we offer it deceit.

Denise Jacobs said 'you are enough' - what we commit to the past and future can show us that, if only we let it.

Rob Moore says 'just start' - we cannot perform until we begin. The fear of imperfection might stop us, but why let it when you are enough?

Make a mark: fold, crease, bend, break. Document your journey and explore paths yet to be discovered.

Fill that blank page with your pass success and failure. Your vivid present. Your distant future.

Create your potential and when your page is full take another and keep going. The blank page will never lie to you. Stay empty if you must but, even then, will your page stay clean?

You will weather and wear.

Now, make a mark.

There is no better time than right now.