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The Remote Workshop Guide - A product-making journey (Part 1)

As I was making my coffee this morning I realised I have not shared anything to do with my recent journeys into product-making. I’d long ago posted about writing a course on setting up a remote workshop using MURAL; I never followed through and finished it.

Excuses were made and production halted.

However, as we’re approaching the end of 2020 - a year of significant trauma, trial, and change - I wanted to ‘get back on the horse’ so to speak and revisit something about which I am passionate.

At the beginning of October I signed up for Christopher Murphy’s ‘Sell While You Sleep Course’ - party to satisfy my need to ‘do something’ to progress my own learning and also to support Chris as he makes his way in to a brand new career path as a school founder. After only 6 weeks of course material and with the support of my student peers and Chris as a mentor I have resurrected the workshopping course; it has transformed into something much greater, much more valuable, than I first imagined it could be.

In its current form I want to bring everything I have learned about workshops, facilitation, and engagement in the virtual space, presenting it in a way which is digestible, accessible, and - most importantly - easy to implement by anyone looking to learn.

It’s not ‘a course’ in the traditional sense but a means for me to share my experience with people who want it and need it. After all this year has given us, a fresh view on what is really possible with remote collaboration in our communities around the globe may be one of the finest gifts.

Effective Virtual Workshops

What I want to achieve with this new endeavour is to help people find their way of workshopping effectively in the virtual space. It’s all about creating an understanding of what’s possible with the tools people have at their disposal; how to use them to draw effective outcomes from any session regardless of someone's position in a company or their level of experience.

I’m not trying to corner a market for any particular style of session; there are agencies who have doubled-down on Design Sprints and Design Thinking.

I’m not looking to set up some proprietary method for ‘doing things better’ because I don’t believe that would be helpful; introducing new tools into people’s consciousness (and then trying to help them develop behaviours to create ‘stickiness’) is a surefire way to make a rod for my back.

Refine All The Time

In the coming days I am going to be taking the leanest version of The Remote Workshop Guide I can and getting it ‘out into the wild’. After a discussion with the course cohort, it’s apparent that taking a staggered approach to garner interest - a smoke test of the idea - is likely fruitless and wouldn’t do me much to further the offering. What I really want is for people to put their trust in me, pay to subscribe, and join me on the journey of building something in the open.

I’ll be sharing plenty more stories of ‘the road’ as I travel it but, for now, it’s eyes down to get something out and ready to sell this week!