Tom Jepson Creative

Off My Game

Today, I am feeling significantly off my game. Despite going to bed at a reasonable hour as per and riding a high from the latest instalment of my short college course, I am all over the place. My head is noisy and routine feels counter-productive at best.

While coherent thoughts are not forming and, to maintain the writing routine I've been striving for, what more is there to do than document this part of the journey? Not everything can be a hit record!

I woke early - pre-alarm - though not of my own volition. My son required bathroom assistance as he does daily; not getting up is not a choice which I am afforded. From here on out I felt like I needed to craw under a rock, curl up, and sleep it off. I've knocked things over, made a too-slow cup of coffee, and have a mysterious pain in my eye accompanied by nagging wisdom toothache.

Today is obviously one of those days where everything will irritate me and I'll be clumsy as all hell until I retire to bed this evening. Such is life and life dictates that some kindness is needed.

When we have these days we have to remember to take minute and consider what we can do to look after ourselves. Do we really need to rush to do everything on that optimistic to-do list? Can we keep our heads down and do an activity that gives us pause to reset? For me, sitting with a coffee - hoping I haven't knocked the pot over! - and indulging my mind with a book is my go-to escape.

Here's hoping a good night's sleep puts on the breaks and I come back fighting tomorrow!