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Three ways to stay motivated when it’s hot as hell outside

Full disclosure; I'm writing this to keep myself motivated in the heat! I've committed to writing more and, while I am not getting too worked up about not completing something 'on time' (see: self-imposed deadline) I would really like to keep the cadence up.

We all know how tough it can be summoning the energy to graft hard and smash the task list when you’re cooking from the inside out. That sluggish feeling against the marathon slog of wireframes, research analysis, or Zoom calls; the heat only amplified by the glory of your 4K display and furnace-like Mac computer.

Here're three things I do to push on, even when it's roasting!

Find things you can do to take you out of your normal working space; get a change of scenery.

Get up from your desk and move somewhere else. Task switching isn't going to help if you're melting in your office. If you can go sit somewhere cooler with an iPad or your notebook and refocus your thoughts and energy, do it. The shift in temperature and the deliberate act of getting up and moving somewhere - as hard as it is to move in the heat! - can be enough to kickstart your thinking.

Mix things up; change your schedule and find a different working cadence.

If it's crazy hot in your workspace when you're needing to get your heaviest work done, change when you do your heaviest work. If you find it harder to get going in the morning for lack of sleep (we know the pain!) start your work day a little later; reengage with the day on your own terms.

Don’t beat yourself up; give yourself a break.

Seriously. If you just can't get going - if your energy has gone and no amount of trying is yielding anything of value - stop. Give yourself a break and don't sweat it...the work at least! Exhausting yourself in an attempt to 'be productive' is no good for you, your clients, teammates, or the work.

If you're built for the heat, I envy you. Still, we can all attempt productivity in our own way even when it is 33º outside!