Tom Jepson Creative

Let The Sunshine In

How often do we stop to appreciate the sunshine? The warm glow that signals the start of a new day, a new beginning. We feel the heat on our skin, an external sensation from an outside influence so much greater than ourselves. When we have long, sunny days we might start to take it for granted or just slip into a routine where things pass us by.

Working and living within our routines can put us in filtering bubble with the things we ‘need to be focussing on’. It might prevent us from really appreciating the things that are making us happy, or the micro-successes we’ve had; these are the 'little things' which drive us on when the going gets tough.

Sometimes we have to burst our own bubble; defocus ourselves for just a moment and let our subconscious surface the positive things that are going on in our lives. How are we framing what is happening right now? Are things ‘just working’ or are there causes to be truly celebrated or appreciated. What little victories have we felt recently that we might have forgotten about?

We must be kind to ourselves and create the space and the freedom to think: ‘I am happy. I can be happy. This is what happiness feels like.’

Take a moment to let that sunshine in and warm yourself up.

Journalling Tip

Something which I picked up very recently was the act of journalling: taking a moment to record what's in my head at any given moment to help me process thoughts and make sense of what's going on around me.

One activity I'll do is writing down five things for which I am grateful. It might sound like throwaway task but taking a couple of minutes to remind myself that there are some awesome things going on in my life has a positive impact on my mental health and my ability to remain positively-focussed for those around.

Try it: what five things are you grateful for today?