Tom Jepson Creative

Goodbye Social Media

I haven't logged into my social media accounts since 31st August. I deleted the apps from my phone and iPad; I've set a recurring session using Freedom to block me from the primary 'infinity pool' sources into which I'd regularly fall.

The longer I stay away from social media the less I believe I need it or want to engage in that world in the way that it demands. The ‘always on’ world of content; having to continually create 'new' material all the time for an audience who may or may not see it; having to engage with every new comment someone posts; ‘working’ to grow an audience; building a 'personal brand' to which all value is attributed.

How much energy is that worth to me personally? How much is left for anything else? Why, more importantly, is it perceived that the social content channels are the most popular way to engage with an audience?

Such is the time in which we live; perma-connections and 'reach' to places we were never able to attain. The internet has gifted us a resource far more valuable than any efforts we could make to fill it. Our cultures, however, have dictated its usage as 'the way' to find your tribe (or at least hurl your latest scrolling carousel post on '10 UX Trends in 2020' at a few people who'll follow a hashtag).

For someone who definitely did not grow up in a world of 'content' and 'engagement' no amount of commitment to create media for people to consume can engage me enough to follow through for longer than a few days. I want to share everything I know with people but do it on my terms.

Designers and creatives must have another level, platform, or playing field on which they can share, learn, and grow. We changed the game before, so we can change it again. There has to be a new avenue. If not now, when?