Tom Jepson Creative

Cumulative Effort and Getting Back to Writing

It's been a fair while since I've sat down and focussed on writing. Part of me feels like I was giving myself a purposeful break whilst my head was too full yet I do carry a slight air of guilt for not practicing what I preach; showing up and committing to something. Such is life.

As of today - the last day of September - I am picking up the pace once again and recommitting to daily writing. Combined with healthy time off, some mental space, and a refreshed reading pile I believe action will inspire fresh thought and, in turn, action.

Something which occurred to me as I was taking a walk this morning is that our cumulative efforts - the daily 'showing up' - often go unnoticed as we do our thing each day. We don't realise how far we've come as we're taking action and to what all that action has added. While it might not feel like a 'complete work' we have built something.

Bear - my writing tool of choice - tells me I've written circa 7,500 words in finished articles and posts over the last 6-8 weeks; not even idle notes and unfinished pieces. That's almost a (very) short book. 7,500 words written and refined over a period of weeks. Imagine what could have become of that effort, those thoughts, the concepts if I'd shown up every day and put even 1/10 of those words onto a page.

I feel inspired. I'm spurred on. If I can do it sporadically and build something gradually, what could happen if I put some real effort in? What could you do once you've taken a step back and surveyed your created kingdom? What have you built that's slipped from your radar?