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The Purpose Revolution

I recently took part in a roundtable discussion about Gen-Z and the future of the purpose-driven employment. It was enlightening. Being far from the ‘Gen-Z’ demographic, gaining insights into how this generation may think about work, about intention, about success ... it was a valuable conversation. … continue this article

A Healthier Life with Fewer Distractions

Distractions and context-switching (the act of jumping between tasks and snapping into different mental states) do not allow our mind the time and space it needs to quieten down, to focus, and to create work of meaning. It is stretching what we are capable of to breaking point. … continue this article

Cat Mess in the Sink

Coming downstairs a little after 5AM to find your cat has used the sink as her toilet when her litter box is less than 10 feet away is an unexpected, disgusting curveball that nobody ever appreciates. … continue this article

Learning about habits...

Over in the Ness Labs community, Anne-Laure poses topics for self-motivated learning: in October, the topic was 'habit'. The subject has been interesting to me, especially in recent years as I've grown into my adult life (at almost 38) and as I've learned about what makes for a healthy, productive, low-stress existence. … continue this article

Off My Game

Today, I am feeling significantly off my game. Despite going to bed at a reasonable hour as per and riding a high from the latest instalment of my short college course, I am all over the place. … continue this article

Let The Sunshine In

How often do we stop to appreciate the sunshine? The warm glow that signals the start of a new day, a new beginning. We feel the heat on our skin, an external sensation from an outside influence so much greater than ourselves. … continue this article

Finite Pools of Energy

Energy. Get up and go. Fire. Passion. There are many names for that which gives us our drive to keep moving and to do the next thing on our agendas. We each have the capacity to grow this fire-filled passion pit and live our lives highly motivated, energised, and overflowing with enthusiasm. … continue this article

Cumulative Effort and Getting Back to Writing

It's been a fair while since I've sat down and focussed on writing. Part of me feels like I was giving myself a purposeful break whilst my head was too full yet I do carry a slight air of guilt for not practicing what I preach; showing up and committing to something. … continue this article

A thought on tools

Tools can give us an advantage over a scenario. Whether we have a true advantage - or are creating disadvantages for ourselves - is determined by understanding how to identify the best tool for the job in hand. … continue this article

Goodbye Social Media

I haven't logged into my social media accounts since 31st August. I deleted the apps from my phone and iPad; I've set a recurring session using Freedom to block me from the primary 'infinity pool' sources into which I'd regularly fall. … continue this article

Changing Tastes

The other night whilst eating family dinner I was listening to my wife explain to our 4-year-old daughter why people like different things and, as we grow older, we might like different things than when we were young. … continue this article

Making Micro Changes

I think about change a lot. Constantly-moving dynamics of work; fluctuations in life that, despite our best intentions, throw spanners in the works more often than we'd like. … continue this article

Absolute Openness

To foster any open relationship you must speak honestly, speak openly, and speak with purpose. Speak with integrity. Speak to what you believe. Speak with your heart. … continue this article

Small changes for big impact

The most impactful things start with the smallest changes; the most personal changes. Examining what you're doing and why you're doing it can be the first step to finding clear space in your head and decluttering your life of the things which challenge the status quo (whether you know it or not). … continue this article

The balance between inspiration and habit

As I progress as a writer and content creator, I am discovering that while showing up and just ‘doing’ is intrinsically valuable to defining ones output, there are some thoughts and realisations which can only come from subconscious percolation and ignoring the idea. … continue this article

Pick yourself up and move forward

Failure sucks. It stings our ego and makes us doubt our abilities regardless of our past achievements. It makes us feel at best like we've a hard road ahead and at worst like we can't do anything better and need to get out right now.

Remember this because it's important. Everyone fails. … continue this article

Showing up - For now, for later, for you.

Throughout our careers we'll be given advice; some will stick and some won't. One thing which has resonated with me for as long as I can remember is that, to achieve real success, you have to 'show up'. Being there whether we want to or not and putting in the time sets us apart from the pack and tees us up to succeed. … continue this article

A small moment of realisation

I make no bones out of the fact that I’ve made a career out of asking questions; I love it. Digging in and finding out stuff.

I was taking a walk a while ago and had a bit of an ‘Oh, s***!’ moment. … continue this article

Decide Fast and Move On

‘Decide fast and move on’ is a mantra I bring to every project. It isn’t a mission statement as much as a directive for everyone to think on their feet and be ready to take action, quickly! … continue this article

37 things I’ve learned

As I approach my 37th birthday I wanted to catalogue things that I picked up, learned, and thought about over the last 12 months and beyond. Some of this list is silly, some of it is not. … continue this article

Don’t be afraid to disagree; it doesn’t make you a jerk.

In my line of work, disagreement is an inevitability. Disagreement over functions and features; over the distillation of user needs and wants; over strategic directions. It’s these disagreements and varieties of stance which help you reduce the risk of bias and give you and your team the best chance of creating a truly valuable solution to the problem you’re looking to solve. … continue this article

I don’t believe in future-proof.

From Wikipedia, ‘the term “future-proof” refers to the ability of something to continue to be of value into the distant future—that the item does not become obsolete.’ This infers that fear of obsolescence is a guiding principle for growth. I don't agree and, needless to say, I don’t believe in the term ‘future-proof’. … continue this article

A New Decade of UX

As digital product makers, our expectations of what constitutes a good experience are so advanced from 10, 15, 20 years ago that I don’t honestly believe we’re even looking at something cut from the same cloth. It might now be an amalgam of concepts learned along the way but we’ve come so far down a road, what we had is akin to Betamax next to todays’ streaming services. … continue this article

Don’t Fall Through The UX Cracks

‘Outstanding UX’ is no longer a USP for digital products. Putting user experience first is paramount in delivering value for your customers and for your business. Knowing the right problem to solve before you begin can unlock opportunities in your product that could save you time and money later. … continue this article

The Power of Resilience

The dictionary defines resilience as ‘the capacity to recover from difficulties’. It is what enables us to keep moving; it is toughness, strength. To be resilient is to face down the things which challenge us and say ‘not today’. … continue this article

Looking Back - A Company of One Retrospective

Taking stock of what we do as individuals running a business is paramount to us making progress and setting ourselves up for future success. As a company-of-one, it can be extremely easy to let the world pass by, moving from project to project, without really noticing where you started and where you’ve been. … continue this article

Glutton for Punishment - Peak Experiences in Tough Videogames

As a UX designer, things such as videogames hold a wealth of knowledge that can be picked into. Seeing how the designers have worked to create 'peak moments' in a game and implement mechanics to both drive and impede your progress is deeply interesting. It can fuel the fire of my own creativity, showing new ways to create points of elevation or pride in a product outside of 'traditional gamification'. … continue this article