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37 things I’ve learned

As I approach my 37th birthday I wanted to catalogue things that I picked up, learned, and thought about over the last 12 months and beyond. Some of this list is silly, some of it is not. … continue this article

Don’t be afraid to disagree; it doesn’t make you a jerk.

In my line of work, disagreement is an inevitability. Disagreement over functions and features; over the distillation of user needs and wants; over strategic directions. It’s these disagreements and varieties of stance which help you reduce the risk of bias and give you and your team the best chance of creating a truly valuable solution to the problem you’re looking to solve. … continue this article

I don’t believe in future-proof.

From Wikipedia, ‘the term “future-proof” refers to the ability of something to continue to be of value into the distant future—that the item does not become obsolete.’ This infers that fear of obsolescence is a guiding principle for growth. I don't agree and, needless to say, I don’t believe in the term ‘future-proof’. … continue this article

Weeknote 09.03.2020

In an effort to commit to writing more frequently here is my first #weeknote! I'll be documenting highlights and points of note from each week, hopefully sparking thoughts and ideas for exciting future 'stuff'. … continue this article

A New Decade of UX

As digital product makers, our expectations of what constitutes a good experience are so advanced from 10, 15, 20 years ago that I don’t honestly believe we’re even looking at something cut from the same cloth. It might now be an amalgam of concepts learned along the way but we’ve come so far down a road, what we had is akin to Betamax next to todays’ streaming services. … continue this article

Don’t Fall Through The UX Cracks

‘Outstanding UX’ is no longer a USP for digital products. Putting user experience first is paramount in delivering value for your customers and for your business. Knowing the right problem to solve before you begin can unlock opportunities in your product that could save you time and money later. … continue this article

The Power of Resilience

The dictionary defines resilience as ‘the capacity to recover from difficulties’. It is what enables us to keep moving; it is toughness, strength. To be resilient is to face down the things which challenge us and say ‘not today’. … continue this article

Looking Back - A Company of One Retrospective

Taking stock of what we do as individuals running a business is paramount to us making progress and setting ourselves up for future success. As a company-of-one, it can be extremely easy to let the world pass by, moving from project to project, without really noticing where you started and where you’ve been. … continue this article